Optimized resource management

We offer solutions for the three main areas of planning the supply chain cycle, so you can optimize both the entire cycle and an individual segment related to transportation, production, and storage of goods/cargo as well as sales.
  • Improving the accuracy of on-time delivery by 47%
  • Reducing the costs on goods transportation by 5-20%
  • Increasing profits by 5-15%
  • Finding the optimal route in 25-60 minutes

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Strategic planning

It is possible to simulate various courses of events with a planning horizon of half a year. This makes it possible to make correct managerial decisions and determine a cost-effective way of company development, reduce expenses and labor costs through more efficient planning and optimization of the use of existing resources. Examples of tasks solved at strategic level include.

Transport network design

Staff budgeting

Prediction of long-term purchases;

Planning the development of alternative transport means (river or railway transport)

Planning of distribution centers and storage points

Tactical planning

The calculation of optimal routes for a planning period from 1 day to 1 month provides:

  • A technical capability of a "single window" service in organizing "seamless" multimodal transportation
  • Building an optimal (in terms of speed and expenses) multimodal chain for delivery of goods/passengers (taking various types of transport, carrier companies, and mandatory intermediate stops into account)

Operational replanning

Automatic handling of situations:

Force majeure - unaccounted for risks when performing previously built routes:

  • Emergency situations with a Vehicle/Crew before the route is started (vehicle failure before loading/non-attendance of a specific employee)
  • Emergency situation with a Vehicle/Crew during the route (accident/en-route failure). This may result in the failure of the entire shift and require a complete rescheduling, thus considerably reducing the productivity.

The solution calculates possible options, taking into account the current location, route statuses and requests, and offers the most advantageous option in terms of the conditions specified.

Day-to-day delivery. Activities for collection of goods - return, dispatch for subsequent shipment, Pick-up & Delivery. The use of the comprehensive solution based on Tarantool software products and the optimization platform makes it possible to perform an optimal redesign of the further route as quickly as possible, taking new day-to-day requests received into account.

Hyperlocal delivery is a solution for large metropolitan areas that allows tasks such as delivery of one goods item across the entire city in rush hours to be avoided. The solution helps with the following issues:

  • peak loads or underutilization of resources depending on the area
  • late delivery, failure or cancellation of delivery
  • impairing customer satisfaction


  • Providing a “seamless” delivery and transportation process
  • Ability to harmonize the schedule in emergency situations
  • Taking all restrictions (crews, personnel, working hours of loading zones) into account
  • Control of suppliers and contractors due to the availability of the complete picture throughout the entire cycle in real time
  • Monitoring staff skills, quality and delivery feedback
  • Ability to take work results into account and recalculate current situations with consideration for completed events
  • Calculation of routes under an unlimited number of business rules and restrictions (characteristics of points, crews, opening hours, network capacity)

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