Smart Pricing System (SPS)

An IT solution for simulation and prediction of the prices of goods, objects, or services.
  • Manage the dynamics of pricing
  • Boost your sales without increasing costs
  • Reduce the impact of the human factor

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Structure of the Smart Pricing System

The SPS comprises three blocks: statistics, prediction, and recommendations


  • Reports of any level of detail or degree of aggregation
  • Interactive and demonstrative dashboards showing sales dynamics, customer activity, and price level


  • Predicting the situation for the next month with any level of detail, for the entire market, for each commodity, object, or service
  • Identification of potential hidden patterns in existing data


  • Recommendation on price policy and rates are set up and dynamically modified subject to customers’ needs.
  • Manual or automatic adjustment of the strategy for indexing prices

Solution Capabilities

The SPS comprises algorithms that self-train based on accumulated data and works in real-time.

  • Decreasing labor costs on pricing of goods and services
  • Automating the process of price list creation
  • Simple and faster calculation of discounts
  • Tracking sales dynamics; sales targets analysis
  • Analysis of competitors' pricing policies
  • Refining the frequency of indexing for automated goods categories or groups

Advantages of SPS Implementation

  • Getting additional profit due to dynamic analytics and prediction
  • Testing the expediency and elasticity of demand in real time
  • Higher marketability due to market analysis with adjustable level of detail
  • Lower labor costs and automated routine tasks
  • Prompt decision-making due to availability of reliable information about the business
  • Efficient marketing campaigns and prediction of future sales

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Implemented projects

  • Automating the price indexing for real estate property
  • Automating the initial price determination
  • Analysis of plan fulfillment and pace of sales
  • Support for decision-making in real time
  • Predicting the sale of each apartment at an optimal price
  • Keeping track of historical sales data
  • Recognition of all necessary parameters (increase in prices, per square meter price, house section, number of rooms, total apartments sold or apartments sold by set criteria, etc.)
  • Decreasing the labor costs for pricing
  • 80% of transactions were fulfilled in the period predicted by the system
  • Keeping track of frequency, recentness, and amount of adjustment of fares for a direction
  • Determining competitors and market shares by directions
  • Assessing information on sales and revenues
  • Checking whether competitors’ fares according to information from aggregators are available for sale
  • Determining the minimal fare and fares of all the groups in the minimal booking class
  • Determining the fare level for higher booking classes (maintaining the so-called ‘fare ladder’)
  • Rounding the recommended fare level according to the customer’s rules
  • Calculating journey time for recommended fare levels
  • Up to 3% of additional revenue (revenue is forecasted daily)
  • Relevant competitors’ fares, option to obtain data according to set indicators or periods
  • Recommendations on fare modifications

Our skills


Proprietary methodology of data management implemented in TOP-40 companies


Hands-on experience of implementation in finance and transportation industries and B2C companies


5 years of implementing Enterprise and Open Source products


Implementing turnkey projects, from the need and task identification to solution implementation and subsequent support


Certified Data Architect - Big Data specialists in the field of data management (Integration, Quality & Governance)

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