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Innodata company is a promoter of leading technologies in the Russian market. We help our customers to implement innovations efficiently and provide our support during digital transformation with the best benefits for business.

Our Team

Innovations are the main Innodata’s driver. It defines the approaches to work and to building the relationships with customers and partners. Challenges inspire us, they define how we work on projects and develop IT solutions. Large-scale projects, innovative technologies and non-standard tasks of clients - that’s Innodata.

Alexander Sergienko, Director of Innodata company
Владимир Волков

Vladimir Volkov

Deputy Director for Production

Татьяна Куприянова

Tatyana Kupriyanova

Leader of Analytical Team

Company History / Significant Events

More details

Establishment of the Company

The key growth vector is the development of innovative software. The company focuses on system integration and development of software products for corporate customers.


Customer Requests Platform

“Customer Requests Platform”, a large-scale project for PJSC Aeroflot”, is completed. The project was developed and implemented in cooperation with RAMAX International, Innodata, and Integro Technologies.


The Online Sales Data Showcase

The Online Sales Data Showcase project for PJSC Aeroflot has been completed. The company has implemented a system of end-to-end analysis of online sales.


The 6th place among analytical solution providers

Innodata ranked the 6th among the leading providers of analytical solutions in Russia according to CNews rating.


TOP-10 Russian providers of solutions for data analysis

CNews Analytics included Innodata in the list of TOP-10 Russian providers of solutions for data analysis.


TAdviser IT Prize in the "IT Project of the Year in Retail"

X5ID, a unified shopper identification system implemented with participation of Innodata’s at Х5, was awarded with a TAdviser IT Prize in the «IT Project of the Year in Retail» category.

We are in the TOP 10 providers of solutions for data analytics
We have been honored with prestigious awards and prizes
We are housed in the IT cluster of Innopolis University
We collaborate with leading Russian and global vendors
We offer an optimal stack of technologies for digitalization
Projects in transport, retail, banks, industry and development

Awards and achievements

Премия Global CIO 2019
Global CIO Award. Best industry business solution in the Transport category

The system for optimization of creating, conducting and analyzing marketing campaigns

Рейтинг CNews 2019
The 6th place in the CNews rating “Analytics 3.0”

Top 10 leading providers of IT solutions for data analysis in Russia, 2019.

Топ-50 крупнейших IT-компаний Татарстана

Иннодата вошла в ТОП-25 поставщиков решений для анализа данных

Рэнкинг RAEX 2022

Рэнкинг RAEX 2022

Рейтинг CNews 2022

Рэнкинг крупнейших российских групп и компаний в области информационных и коммуникационных технологий

Рейтинг крупнейших интеграторов BI-систем

Рейтинг крупнейших поставщиков BI-решений в России

Проект по созданию цифрового двойника и моделированию процесса закупок в ПАО «ММК» получил награду Global CIO

Рейтинг крупнейших поставщиков ИТ-услуг в России 2022

Премия Global CIO 2020
Global CIO Award. Analytical solutions and Big Data. The best project in the freight logistics

“Automated prediction system for mail cargo spaces Cargo Air”

Премия MarTech Star Awards 2020
MarTech Star Awards 2020. Best Use of Marketing Automation Category

“The system for optimization of creating, conducting and analyzing marketing campaigns”

Рейтинг RAEX 2021

Рейтинг CNews 2021
The 6th place in the CNews rating “Analytics 3.0”

Top 10 leading providers of IT solutions for data analysis in Russia, 2019.

Рейтинг RAEX 2021

Рэнкинг RAEX 2022

Рейтинг крупнейших ИТ-поставщиков в российском ритейле

Иннодата – в списке крупнейших ИТ-поставщиков строительной отрасли


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