End-to-End Analytics for PJSC “Aeroflot”

  • A single model for receiving and processing data from various sources
  • Digitalizing the end-to-end ticket selling process
  • Decreasing the time required for report preparation
Сквозная аналитика для ПАО «Аэрофлот»

Project Prerequisites

There is a need to create a unified system for analyzing sales through online channels by combining data on website and mobile application traffic, data on ticket sales and booking.

Project Purposes

Automating management reporting for monitoring online sales processes
Analyzing and visualizing heterogeneous data through a single application
Automating the sales funnel on the website and in the mobile application
Developing a tool for analyzing A/B testing results

Solution Uniqueness

The solution is implemented on the basis of innovative ETL/BI products from major vendors.

The key goal of the project was to combine heterogeneous data from various sources:

  • data on visits and purchases on the website and in the mobile application (source – Google Analytics)
  • data on ticket sales, additional services and revenue (source – the revenue accounting system)
  • booking data (source - booking system (GDS))


  • Reducing the time spent on reporting on key indicators by automating the acquisition of data from various sources
  • Ability to analyze users and visualize data without the knowledge of database features
  • Improving the algorithms for calculating the key indicators in the course of analyzing data and sources
  • Ability to analyze the sales funnel on the website and in the mobile application
  • Building dashboards for key indicators of sales efficiency and sales funnel.


“The end-to-end analytics system is an efficient tool for preparing unified reports for all online sales channels. Automated algorithms for collecting and verifying data will reduce the time required to prepare reports and also reduce labor costs,”

said Alexander Sergienko,
head of Innodata company.

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