Company History / Significant Events

  • Foundation of the company. The company focuses on the development of innovative software with specializations in system integration and creation of software products for corporate customers.
  • PJSC Aeroflot becomes Innodata’s first customer.
  • The company becomes a resident of Innopolis, one of the three research and technology centers in Russia created for the development of information technologies and innovations.
  • Cooperation with Innopolis University begins.
  • A new stage of cooperation with PJSC Aeroflot commences. A Tarantool-based solution is implemented, which is a complex of systems and a unified center for processing and accessing individual client data. The solution provides personal services, registration, routing, and processing of requests.
  • Center for Innovation in Civil Aviation is created in cooperation with the University of Innopolis. The Center’s mission is to integrate the digital world innovations into the industry technologies.
Основание компании
  • “Customer Requests Platform”, a large-scale project for PJSC Aeroflot”, is completed. The project was developed and implemented in cooperation with RAMAX International, Innodata, and Integro Technologies.
  • Innodata presents the “Intelligent Pricing System” designed for accurate automated prediction and balancing of prices and tariffs in retail, commercial real estate construction, and other industries.
  • The company offers an own new solution: a System for monitoring and analysis of the content in social networks designed for handling customer requests in social media. The system based on Big Data technology performs predictive analysis of required content in social networks, which makes it possible to rapidly respond to certain events.
«Платформа обращений клиентов» для ПАО «Аэрофлот»
  • The Online Sales Data Showcase project for PJSC Aeroflot has been completed. The company has implemented a system of end-to-end analysis of online sales.
«Витрина данных онлайн-продаж»
  • Innodata ranked 6th among the largest providers of analytical solutions in Russia in the CNews rating.
  • Aeroflot implements the “System for optimization, creation, implementation, and analysis of marketing campaigns”. The project wins the Global CIO 2020 award.
  • Implementation of the “Automated prediction system for cargo-mail capacities Cargo Air” is completed. The project wins the Global CIO 2020 award.
Награды и премии
  • Innodata was included, for the first time, in the RAEX ranking of IT companies and ranked 25th based on the amount of IT services provided. The company was also ranked 29th in the list of major software developers.
  • CNews Analytics included Innodata in the list of TOP-10 Russian providers of solutions for data analysis.
  • Innodata entered into a partnership with Arenadata, a developer of a platform for data collection and storage.
  • Innodata implemented a major production and analytic block as part of digital pricing system at INTECO team.
Награды и премии
  • SIMBA, an Innodata’s proprietary product, was included in the Unified Registry of Russian Programs for Computers and Databases. SIMBA:SimBP (simulation and business analysis for business processes) is a product intended for enhancing the efficiency of business processes and prototyping an organization’s operation.
  • DPrice, a dynamic pricing system developed by Innodata, was included in the Unified Registry of Russian Programs for Computers and Databases operated by the Russian Ministry for Communications. The system is designed for maintaining the transparency of pricing for real estate objects in the development industry.
  • Innodata and Altcraft, a developer of the marketing automation platform for the development of business, entered into partnership that aims at the development of data-driven marketing tools.
  • X5ID, a unified shopper identification system implemented with participation of Innodata’s at Х5, was awarded with a TAdviser IT Prize in the "IT Project of the Year in Retail" category.
Награды и премии