Решения на базе Tarantool

Хранение и обработка больших данных

Storage and processing of Big Data

Solutions based on Big Data and Machine Learning that enable creation of analytical models for predicting demand, organizing high-load systems for data processing and calculating KPIs in real-time.
Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Best practices for customer experience management and best practices and solutions for tracking the customer journey. Consumer actions are monitored from the moment a need arises and until communications with a retail network/bank or transport company are completed. Assessment of the customer’s satisfaction with the quality of service.
Цифровизация бизнес-процессов

Digitalization of business processes

Technologies and proprietary solutions for predicting changes, harmonizing business processes of an enterprise, and assessing their impact on achieving the maximum economic efficiency.
Data Mesh

Data Mesh

Services and solutions for data quality management based on the Data Mesh approach, which is designed to first build a process for working with data, and only then apply certain implementation tools (Data Lake, Data Management, and others).