Platform for Handling Customer Requests

An integrated platform for handling customer requests from different communication channels, their smart classification and routing.
  • Immediate response to comments, complaints, and information requests
  • A single application to process requests from all communication channels
  • The time of request handling is reduced twofold
  • Gathering and analyzing comments on the company’s activities in the Internet

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The Structure of the Platform for handling customer requests

Platform Capabilities

  • Handling requests from various communication channels, such as social media, web sites, forums, and so on.
  • Monitoring of mentions in social media, tracking their mood and dynamics
  • End-to-end process, from receiving a request in free form in any social media to providing an exhaustive reply to the customer
  • Global collection and analysis of requests from social media
  • Creating and providing aggregated reporting on requests for the management to take managerial decisions

Advantages of the Platform

  • Online monitoring of mentions in social media
  • Automatic detection of the subject and mood and determining the priority for handling a request
  • The accuracy of classification is more than 80%, that of request mood is about 90%
  • Automatic matching users of social media with the company’s customers (for example, 36% of customers are detected in Facebook)
  • A single point for receiving and routing of requests

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Implemented projects

  • Create a single platform for handling requests from various communication channels
  • Organize the global collection and analysis of data from social media
  • Implementation of processes for tracking mentions about the airline in social media, mood estimation
  • Setup of algorithms based on the collected data to detect the subject of the request; establishing a department responsible for handling and settling requests
  • Implementation of an end-to-end process for tracking requests, from receiving a free form request from social media to providing an exhaustive reply to the customer.
  • Development of unified form for reporting to the company management about customer requests

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Hands-on experience of implementation in finance and transportation industries and B2C companies


5 years of implementing Enterprise and Open Source products


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