System for Optimizing the Creationg, Implementation and Analysis of Marketing Campaigns

  • A single data-driven tool for optimizing communications with the customers
  • Launching more than 200 marketing campaigns a month
  • More than 33 mln communications monthly
Управление маркетинговыми кампаниями

Project prerequisites

The customer’s need to boost the efficiency of marketing campaigns with an omnichannel approach to communication with the customers.

Project goals

Reducing operational costs for launching marketing campaigns.
Analyzing and estimating the efficiency of past communications based on reports with breakdown by campaigns and offers.
Providing a tool for optimal distribution of offers to customer with consideration for available channels and resources as well as business rules and contact policy.

Uniqueness of the solution

The implemented system provides business users with a single platform for managing communications with existing and prospective customers via all channels (e-mail, push notifications, banner and online advertising, etc.), while adhering to a common contact policy and a common technique for assessing the efficiency of campaigns. Owing to developed analytical models and optimization modules, offers are automatically distributed to customers with consideration for available channels and resources, as well as business rules and contact policy through the entire customer’s life cycle.

The system is designed to allow launching of many marketing campaigns in parallel.

Value for the customer

The system based on a single platform optimizes the omnichannel approach to communication with the customers for Aeroflot’s marketing department.

The system allows marketing specialists to generate and test business hypotheses, launch activities, and compile detailed reports with the option to select performance benchmarks for each campaign without the need for support from the IT department.

Customer Review

‘For us, it is a strategically important project aimed at providing Aeroflot’s market experts with a single efficient tool for optimizing communication with customers based on a data-driven approach. Analysis of past activities has opened a way for creating a tool that both decreases operative costs of launching marketing events and provides customers with optimal personalized offers through available communication channels. The approach is not only beneficial for customer loyalty but also improves the response to marketing campaigns.’

Kirill Bogdanov,
Deputy Chief Information Officer, Aeroflot.

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