Environment for business digital transformation management via prototyping

A platform solution at the interface between Process Mining and Machine Learning technologies and artificial Intelligence for emulating the effect ofl changes in business processes on the actual economic performance

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3 levels of affecting business via SIMBA



Creating a single system relating the economic result of process changes, external factors and limitations



Identifying inefficient process steps and assessing the consequences of their elimination



Analysis of modification impact on the entire complex of interconnected processes in the company’s operation

Advantages of SIMBA

Basis for creating a Digital Twin of Organization
Determining the metrics that can be changed to minimize the risk of losses
Predicting the scenarios of business processes with the option to choose the most efficient one
Building the value chain for a business unit or company
Releasing managerial resources at the analytics stage for making managerial decisions
End-to-end estimation of the potential of processes, both on the whole and with breakdown by subprocesses

Technical Capabilities

  • Identification of “bottlenecks” in business processes
  • Finding correlations between process steps and simulating a rejection of a part of a process scenario
  • Accurate emulation of addition/elimination of a process step or relationships
  • Generalization of statistics for hundreds of standard projects and automatic search for an improvement area
  • Analysis of dynamics of compensating process step delays
  • Option to integrate the platform with the most popular ERP and CRM systems

Get a preliminary calculation and estimate for the project

SIMBA Tools Operating Scenario

  • The history of process execution is loaded to SIMBA:SimBP
  • The statistics is processed and the SIMBA:SimBP model is built
  • The business user assigns modifications and starts an experiment
  • SIMBA:SimBP calculates and shows the new process metrics

Portfolio of SIMBA Solutions



Integration with data sources



Prototyping process modifications based on the set of metrics created



Analysis of typical projects


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