Integration and automation of business processes

Storage and processing of Big Data

Solutions based on Big Data and Machine Learning that enable creation of analytical models for predicting demand, organizing high-load systems for data processing and calculating KPIs in real-time.

Managing the efficiency of marketing campaigns

Services for managing the efficiency of marketing plans and advertising campaigns. Evaluation of the quality of execution and prediction of how a certain activity affects the sales plan and the number of potential customers.

Customer Experience

Best practices for customer experience management and best practices and solutions for tracking the customer journey. Consumer actions are monitored from the moment a need arises and until communications with a retail network/bank or transport company are completed. Assessment of the customer’s satisfaction with the quality of service.

Data Mesh

Services and solutions for data quality management based on the Data Mesh approach, which is designed to first build a process for working with data, and only then apply certain implementation tools (Data Lake, Data Management, and others).

Digitalization of business processes

Technologies and proprietary solutions for predicting changes, harmonizing business processes of an enterprise, and assessing their impact on achieving the maximum economic efficiency.


We offer solutions based on Big Data and ML for creation of analytic models

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Цифровизация ритейла: в каких направлениях развивается digital-революция рынка

Digitalization of retail: directions in which the market digital revolution is developing

Personalization, the use of artificial intelligence, scaling-up of subscriptions, the use of augmented reality, new methods of payment for purchases, and improvement of order delivery services - these are the main trends in the digital transformation in retail industry.
«Иннодата» впервые попала в список крупнейших компаний по оказанию услуг в области информационных технологий по версии RAEX-Аналитика

"Innodata" for the first time got into the list of the largest companies providing services in the field of information technology according to RAEX-Analytics

Innodata was included in this rating for the first time and was in the 25th place in terms of the volume of services provided in information technology, and also became the 29th in the list of the largest software development companies.
Авторитетное издание в сфере высоких технологий в России и странах СНГ CNews Media опубликовало рейтинг крупнейших поставщиков решений для анализа данных

The authoritative publication in the field of high technologies in Russia and the CIS countries CNews Media has published a rating of the largest providers of data analysis solutions

CNews Media, a respected mass media in the field of high technologies in Russia and in the CIS, published a rating of the largest providers of solutions for data analysis. Innodata was included in TOP-10 players of the Russian market.

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Innovations are the main Innodata’s driver. It defines the approaches to work and to building the relationships with customers and partners. Challenges inspire us, they define how we work on projects and develop IT solutions. Large-scale projects, innovative technologies and non-standard tasks of clients - that’s Innodata.

Alexander Sergienko, Director of Innodata company