Aeroflot has introduced a unique tool to improve the effectiveness of marketing campaigns

«Аэрофлот» внедрил уникальный инструмент для повышения эффективности маркетинговых кампаний
Press release
10 February 2020
PJSC Aeroflot has completed the implementation of a system for optimizing the creation, performing, and analysis of marketing campaigns. The project was implemented by Innodata’s experts.

Innodata, a Russian developer and integrator of high-tech solution in customer relationships, has completed the implementation of a system for optimizing the creation, performing, and analysis of marketing campaigns at PJSC Aeroflot. As a result, the system is of unprecedented scale and can optimize more than 200 campaigns per month with more than 33 mln communications in each.

The design team was set a challenge to furnish Aeroflot with an efficient tool for optimizing marketing campaigns by automatizing the application of business rules.

‘For us, it is a strategically important project aimed at providing Aeroflot’s market experts with a single efficient data-driven instrument for streamlining customer communications. Such a tool was created on the basis of past activities’, says Kirill Bogdanov, PJSC Aeroflot’s Deputy Director General for IT. ’In addition to reducing operational costs for launching marketing activities, it furnishes customers with optimal personalized offers via available communication channels. This approach not only favorably affects the loyalty of our customers but also boosts the response to marketing campaigns.’

The implemented system based on a common platform optimizes the omnichannel approach to customer communications for the Marketing Department of Aeroflot. The system enables market experts to put forward business hypotheses, test them, launch activities, and compile detailed reports with the option to select performance indicators for each campaign without the help of the IT Department. 10 workstations have already been automatized.

The project team worked with the Hive database management system and Spark ML libraries, with the IPC Campaign product complex and the IPC Contact Optimization data exchange technology. ‘The greatest challenge was in working out analytical models, because Aeroflot uses numerous sources of big data amounts. The communication channels are also numerous. Nevertheless, we succeeded in providing the customer with a tool for making marketing decisions designed on the basis of deep data analysis and machine-learning technologies’, says Alexander Sergienko, Executive Director at Innodata. ‘It is also worth noting that the system is easily scalable. Thus, adding a new communication channel would allow Aeroflot’s specialists to send a new offer to a customer under a unified contact policy.’

The project started in December 2019 and was completed in last December. As a result of implementing the system for optimizing the creation, sending and analysis of marketing campaigns, it is expected that the customer responses to communications will grow up to 25% and the rate unsubscribing from Aeroflot’s marketing communications will decrease by 15%.

The common marketing communications platform will be active throughout the Russian Federation.