Innodata and Arenadata announced the start of cooperation

Иннодата и Arenadata объявили о старте сотрудничества
Press release
20 May 2021
Moscow, May 20, 2021. - The developer of the data collection and storage platform, Arenadata, and the Russian developer and system integrator of solutions in the field of Big Data management and customer experience, Innodata, entered into a partnership agreement.

The collaboration will allow them to successfully solve complex problems of customers in the field of data storage and processing.

The course towards import substitution taken by Russian companies at the initiative of the state in 2015, as well as the emergence of competitive and high-quality domestic solutions, stimulate the growth of demand for IT products created in Russia. The collaboration between Arenadata and Innodata will allow partners to jointly solve nontrivial customer problems in the field of data storage and processing, and will strengthen the positions of both partners in the digital transformation market.

“Arenadata is a leading developer of a data collection and storage platform. The company offers unique software products based on many years of experience. Customers can use these products to modify their businesses through digitalization of processes and sophisticated analytics based on the use of Big Data,” - comments Alexander Sergienko, Executive Director of Innodata. “First of all, we will focus on offering our customers such products as Arenadata DB and solutions based on Arenadata Hadoop. We believe that the partnership will help us strengthen our position on the market in the scope of introducing complex solutions and import substitution of foreign analogues with high-quality Russian products.”

The Arenadata technology stack includes a set of products based on open source projects (Greenplum, Hadoop, Apache Kafka, Apache NiFi, ClickHouse, etc.) integrated into a single Arenadata Enterprise Data Platform (EDP). The Arenadata EDP platform is a technological basis for building solutions in the field of collection, storage, transformation and analytical processing of Big Data, as well as for the implementation of projects in IoT, ML and BI.

Anton Martynov, director for partner relationships at Arenadata: “We are planning to create a joint solution with Innodata for implementation of large-scale projects in the field of information and analytical systems. Our partnership will allow us to provide a tool for transforming business processes at a level that meets today’s market requirements.”

Partners plan to intensively build competencies in the field of Big Data and expand their customer portfolio.