Innodata held a workshop “Taming Social Networks: Machine Learning on the Guard of Reputation”.

Компания «Иннодата» провела Workshop на тему «Укрощаем социальные сети: Machine Learning на страже репутации»
Press release
27 April 2018
Moscow, April 26, 2017 - Innodata and RAMAX Group held a workshop “Taming Social Networks: Machine Learning on the Guard of Reputation” for representatives of major financial institutions and trading corporations. Innodata’s experts, Executive Director Alexander Sergienko and Product Owner Konstantin Shabalin, presented an innovative Social Network Content Monitoring and Analysis System (SMACSS). They shared with the audience their views on how social networks can be effectively and profitably used for business, not only to track news events and any mentions about the company, but also to correctly analyze the received content, attract new and retain existing customers, mitigate reputation risks, and respond quickly and efficiently to various abnormal behaviors.

The event, which was held in the trendy “Four Seasons” hotel in Moscow downtown, was attended by heads of banking and retail companies, including top managers of marketing, PR and external communications departments, the retail block, the sales block, and experts of other specialized services and departments responsible for eliminating reputation losses.

The workshop consisted of two sessions. The first session dealt with enhancing efficiency and developing new approaches for handling the flow of news feeds and appeals to a company in social networks. The attendees learned how to quickly and efficiently select only the necessary news feeds, identify response tools, classify news feeds and appoint responsible employees for handling them, and correctly identify threats. The main topic of the second session covered the ways to enhance customer loyalty in social networks using new technologies implemented in the system.

The company’s experts presented SMACSS capacities in the context of customer loyalty management, focusing on such issues as satisfaction with the service level, provision of high-quality feedback in a way convenient for a customer, automation of processing the requests from any communication channels, and much more. At the event, the interface of a system already operated by one of the market leaders in its segment was presented. The attendees could see how Big Data and Machine Learning technologies are used by SMACSS to fulfill all these tasks.

The remaining time was devoted to a lively discussion and answers to many questions from the participants. Since the interest in the topic is very high and the presented solution is very relevant, the organizers plan to arrange similar events throughout the year.