Innodata introduces the Social Network Content Monitoring and Analysis System based on Big Data to the market

Компания «Иннодата» вывела на рынок «Систему мониторинга и анализа контента социальных сетей» на основе Big Data
Press release
20 March 2018
Moscow, March 20, 2018 - Innodata announced the market launch of its proprietary solution “Social Network Content Monitoring and Analysis System”. The growing diversification of business, the emergence of new brands, and the attempts of companies to enter new markets make it necessary to effectively study the market and obtain maximum information about potential customers to make right decisions and adopt correct strategies in non-standard or crisis situations. The Social Network Content Monitoring and Analysis System helps doing this by automating the continuous process of collection and predictive analytics of a large array of disparate data coming from customers in social networks. The technology employed is an Enterprise platform, the key features of which are the ability to adapt to the end customer’s preferences and requirements, off-the-shelf connectors for various industry platforms, wide integration possibilities, and connection of additional modules.

Alexander Drozdov, Innodata’s director on innovations, says: “A solution is optimal if it enables platform customization for specific requirements and tasks and integration into the existing infrastructure. This is exactly what the Social Network Content Monitoring and Analysis System offers. There are no boundaries or restrictions regarding geography and targeting or stringent settings for the use of the system for social media analytics, since any social network is based on the Internet.”

Handling requests in social networks

The data obtained from social media is used for machine learning, which enables real-time determination of the category and tonality of a particular mention and correct ranking of responses to messages on social media. In handling appeals, the system constantly analyzes “fresh” data and is continuously self-learning to enhance its accuracy.

Based on the accumulated historical data, mathematical models have been built that makes it possible, when a request from a customer via any communication channel is received, to identify with high probability the subject of the request and the department responsible for processing and solving the problem. Owing to this, the use of resources for analyzing and reassigning the requests received has diminished.

Tasks to be solved and the effect achieved

An important effect of the platform’s implementation is that brand satisfaction and communications with users on social media can be monitored continuously. This area is critical for building a reputation, which is especially important for large companies.

Security is a separate area of using the platform data. Analysis of data from social networks is relevant for identifying terrorist groups, a user’s extremist sentiments and her/his social circle. The application can also be used by the Internal Security Department to maintain the company’s security or by the HR Department to analyze recruiters and company personnel.

The platform is in special demand among major corporate customers. According to Alexander Sergienko, Innodata’s executive director, “there are undoubtedly players on the market who offer separate segments of data mining in social networks capitalizing on the existing high demand for these solutions. However, the future is undoubtedly not for services with limited functionality, but for full-featured solutions for companies with high needs, which should be met by customization for a specific customer.”

The Social Network Content Monitoring and Analysis System is a proprietary development of Innodata, a Russia-based company.