"Innodata" for the first time got into the list of the largest companies providing services in the field of information technology according to RAEX-Analytics

«Иннодата» впервые попала в список крупнейших компаний по оказанию услуг в области информационных технологий по версии RAEX-Аналитика
26 July 2021
Innodata was included in this rating for the first time and was in the 25th place in terms of the volume of services provided in information technology, and also became the 29th in the list of the largest software development companies.

According to the past year’s results, most of the IT service market - 54% - was focused on outsourcing and support, 27% came from integration receipts, 18% of total revenues were provided by consulting and 1% came from training and certification.

To see the ranking, please visit https://raex-a.ru/rankingtable/it/2020/main