The Innodata company announces the acquisition of residency in Innopolis

Компания «Иннодата» объявляет о получении резидентства в Иннополисе
6 September 2017
Innopolis, September 06, 2017 - The Innodata company, a Russian software developer in the field of Big Data management, announces that it has become a resident of Innopolis Special Economic Zone (Tatarstan).

According to the official statement of the technology cluster’s press service, the Supervisory Board took place in August 2017, where a positive decision was made on Innodata’s application, and the company received the status of a resident of Innopolis Special Economic Zone. Becoming a resident is a significant step both for the company itself and for the industry as a whole, since Innodata, as a developer, will receive a new resource for expanding the technological developments performed by the company, which will promote the implementation of important projects and introduction of new technological products and solutions to the Russian market.

Becoming a resident of the Innopolis Special Economic Zone is the next stage for the company after it was founded and became an important player on the Russian Big Data market.

“Innodata is a development company whose task is to communicate all the advantages of technological developments to the business in an understandable language. We hope that our developments will find a worthy application in Innopolis projects and on the Russian market, and we expect that the resources of the technological cluster and the university will contribute to their successful implementation," said Innodata Executive director Alexandr Sergienko.

As part of its work in Innopolis, Innodata plans to focus on the project of implementing the Platform for working with social networks. The main goal of the platform is to download and extract valuable information from data in social media using Big Data management technologies.