Innodata deployed a system for end-to-end online sales analysis at Aeroflot

Компания «Иннодата» развернула систему сквозного анализа продаж через онлайн-каналы
Press release
26 July 2019
Moscow, July 26, 2019 – Innodata, a Russian developer of advanced Big Data analytics solutions, completed the ‘Online sales datamart’ (End-to-end analytics) project at PJSC Aeroflot. The system is designed to analyze online sales efficiency by merging data from various sources in a single data storage.

The key goal of the project was to build a single model of data from naturally heterogeneous sources:

  • data about visits to sites and mobile app sessions from Google Analytics;
  • ticket sales data from a revenue accounting system;
  • booking data from a booking system.

In the course of work, the systems were analyzed and rules for merging data were defined to enable the digitization of end-to-end ticket sales.

KPI reports were configured to monitor processes constantly, assess the results of A/B testing, analyze the purchase funnel on the site and in the mobile app. Users can create customized funnels and compare them, thus assessing the economic effect from enhancing online platforms.

The system allows one to pre-tune reports due to the implementation of a single data model. In the future, it will enable every user to set up necessary reports and dimensions of data on their own. The solution will reduce developers’ workload and give users easier access to various data from various systems at the same time.

An additional advantage of implementing the project is the optimization of the current algorithms for KPI calculation due to deeper understanding the company processes, which resulted from researching internal systems and processes.

‘The system for end-to-end analytics is an efficient tool for preparing common reporting for all online sales channels. Automated algorithms of gathering and verifying data are helpful for reducing the time of preparing the reports and corresponding labor costs', says Alexander Sergienko, Innodata’s Executive Director.