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Innodata told Vesti which industries artificial intelligence will radically change in the near future

The channel’s experts point out three industries that are leaders in employing AI-based technologies: the Internet, telecommunications, and finance. However, recently a growing number of companies from other sectors have been employing AI in their work processes.
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Big Data against COVID-19

The pandemic of the coronavirus infection COVID-19 has caused great interest in Big Data. Vast amounts of information help both monitor the spreading of the disease and plan prophylactic measures.
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Aeroflot optimized the use of the cargo-mail quota at passenger flights with assistance of Cargo Air system

In July 2019, PJSC Aeroflot set the goal to increase the payload of its flights. For that purpose, it had to optimize the completeness of cargo-mail quota usage on passenger flights and improve the accuracy of forecasting the load capacities.
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Aeroflot has introduced a unique tool to improve the effectiveness of marketing campaigns

PJSC Aeroflot has completed the implementation of a system for optimizing the creation, performing, and analysis of marketing campaigns. The project was implemented by Innodata’s experts.
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Innodata created the best solution for transportation and logistics

Innodata's industry business solutions won in two nominations of IT competition The Project of the Year organized by GlobalCIO, a community of digital transformation leaders.