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Innodata introduces the Social Network Content Monitoring and Analysis System based on Big Data to the market

Moscow, March 20, 2018 - Innodata announced the market launch of its proprietary solution “Social Network Content Monitoring and Analysis System”. The growing diversification of business, the emergence of new brands, and the attempts of companies to enter new markets make it necessary to effectively study the market and obtain maximum information about potential customers to make right decisions and adopt correct strategies in non-standard or crisis situations. The Social Network Content Monitoring and Analysis System helps doing this by automating the continuous process of collection and predictive analytics of a large array of disparate data coming from customers in social networks. The technology employed is an Enterprise platform, the key features of which are the ability to adapt to the end customer’s preferences and requirements, off-the-shelf connectors for various industry platforms, wide integration possibilities, and connection of additional modules.
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Artificial intelligence now evaluates real estate

Today, competition in the construction industry is very strong and, as a result, the sales cycle is long, and significant efforts should be made to maintain the market value of real estate. In an unstable economic situation, it is very important to forecast demand correctly. Performing this process manually is not the best solution due to a high probability of making a mistake in pricing. State-of-the-art research is needed, which requires large investments and labor costs. Sales efficiency can only be ensured provided that a considerable number of factors are taken into account and calculations are error-free. It is a prerequisite for setting an optimal price and the getting the maximum profit. The best solution to achieve all of these goals is to use the innovative Intelligent Pricing System.
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IoT and IIoT: key differences between the two technologies

Nowadays, IoT and IIoT technologies have become widely popular. Consumer-oriented IoT (abbreviation of Internet of Things) and industrial IIoT (abbreviation of Industrial Internet of Things) are quite different, despite their names and a certain similarity between their top-tier concepts. The concepts behind these technologies have been developing in parallel while borrowing ideas from each other. Moreover, the similarity of the terms, IoT and IIoT, makes some people with small knowledge of the subject wonder why the latter does not penetrate our life as easily as the former. Is it because companies’ management teams are incompetent or reluctant to streamline production efficiency? To dismantle the myth, Alexander Drozdov identified essential differences between IoT and IIoT. The author does not aim at an exhaustive survey of the technologies, but the aspects mentioned below are sufficient for the business community to understand the difference.
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Innodata has developed an intelligent pricing system for large businesses

Innodata presents the Intelligent Pricing System designed for automated and accurate forecasting and balancing of prices and rates. The solution will be in demand among developers in construction, retail, transport and logistics companies and large service organizations with a constant range of services.
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Innodata took part in the Open Innovations Forum 2017

Innovation Director of Innodata Alexander Drozdov participated in the Open Innovations Forum 2017 that took place on October 16-18 at the Skolkovo Technopark.

The Innodata company took part in FINOPOLIS 2017

Innodata represented by Innovation Director Alexander Drozdov participated in the FINOPOLIS 2017 forum of innovative financial technologies that took place on October 5-6 in Sochi.