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Innodata and Arenadata announced the start of cooperation

Moscow, May 20, 2021. - The developer of the data collection and storage platform, Arenadata, and the Russian developer and system integrator of solutions in the field of Big Data management and customer experience, Innodata, entered into a partnership agreement.
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Aeroflot optimized the use of the cargo-mail quota at passenger flights with assistance of Cargo Air system

In July 2019, PJSC Aeroflot set the goal to increase the payload of its flights. For that purpose, it had to optimize the completeness of cargo-mail quota usage on passenger flights and improve the accuracy of forecasting the load capacities.
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Aeroflot has introduced a unique tool to improve the effectiveness of marketing campaigns

PJSC Aeroflot has completed the implementation of a system for optimizing the creation, performing, and analysis of marketing campaigns. The project was implemented by Innodata’s experts.
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Innodata deployed a system for end-to-end online sales analysis at Aeroflot

Moscow, July 26, 2019 – Innodata, a Russian developer of advanced Big Data analytics solutions, completed the ‘Online sales datamart’ (End-to-end analytics) project at PJSC Aeroflot. The system is designed to analyze online sales efficiency by merging data from various sources in a single data storage.
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Aeroflot and Innodata made a joint report on the successful implementation of the Tarantool DBMS in the aviation giant

Moscow, July 09, 2019 - Nikolay Shevtsov, project manager of Aeroflot’s Information Systems Department, and Rustam Kildiev, Innodata’s technical director, delivered a report at TarantoolConf, a major industry conference on the use of in-memory computing for the development of fault-tolerant high-load applications. The conference, which was dedicated to the Tarantool DBMS developed by Group, was held for the second time. The conference was attended by software developers and representatives of various business sectors.
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Innodata held a workshop “Taming Social Networks: Machine Learning on the Guard of Reputation”.

Moscow, April 26, 2017 - Innodata and RAMAX Group held a workshop “Taming Social Networks: Machine Learning on the Guard of Reputation” for representatives of major financial institutions and trading corporations. Innodata’s experts, Executive Director Alexander Sergienko and Product Owner Konstantin Shabalin, presented an innovative Social Network Content Monitoring and Analysis System (SMACSS). They shared with the audience their views on how social networks can be effectively and profitably used for business, not only to track news events and any mentions about the company, but also to correctly analyze the received content, attract new and retain existing customers, mitigate reputation risks, and respond quickly and efficiently to various abnormal behaviors.
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